• MXP Dashboard

    &MXP display for racing simulation bench
  • New steering wheel AIM SW4

    Integrated data acquisition
  • New Taipan Calculators

    New plug & play calculator for motocross
  • MyChron5 S Gps Lap Timer & Water Temperature Sensor

    the absolute reference for GPS and WIFI meters
  • Radio Communications

Radios 4G

Competition Auto Parts and Instrumentation for Auto/Motorcycle/Kart

355100 Triumph ignition coil
62.00 €
(-11.29%) 55.00 €
B-342-U fork stem base ball 25 mm
23.00 €
(-30.00%) 16.10 €
356100 Triumph ignition coil
62.00 €
(-32.26%) 42.00 €
Batterie KNB-45L pour radios Kenwood 2000 mAh
84.00 €
(-16.67%) 70.00 €

Car Racing Radio 

Shop-Racing offers a complete range of communication systems and services for motorsport radio links.
Vehicle radio, headsets and radios for mechanics and pit crew, rider gear, helmet harnesses, adapters, custom headphones, relays, installation and technical support.
Our products are selected and developed by Shop-Racing for their quality, comfort and performance.

Online Sale of Motorsport Accessories

Your motor sport store Shop-Racing is specialized in car, motorcycle and karting racing instrumentation.
Shop-Racing offers a wide range of products in data acquisition, in embedded HD camera with data inlay, in radio communication and in displays and dashboards: all the car racing parts that will allow you to follow your performances and progress.
Les produits et les services Shop-Racing are accessible to all amateurs and professionals of mechanical leisure and competition. Everyone will be able to benefit from the most advanced statistics and use them to progress in their practice of car, motorcycle and kart sports.

An online motorsport store... but not only!

Our consulting, installation, development and technical assistance services guarantee our customers the highest level of quality demanded by the competition. Shop-Racing is a partner of many teams, teams, drivers and manufacturers involved in a wide variety of disciplines and championships.
Browse our site and discover all the products and services we offer to accompany you in your practice.