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LAP TIMER Kart Track Timing Racing System
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LAP TIMER Kart Track Timing Racing System Micro WS-KLT

up to 60 karts management

3140 for 15 karts

The SHOP-RACING LAP-TIMER provides solutions for go kart lap timing. Our lap timing system can be used to identify up to 60 karts, measure their lap time with one millisecond accuracy and create Qualification and Race results. Trackside displays are available to improve the driver's and spectator's experience. Our Race Manager software can be used to organize rounds and build up your member database.

Lap timing system for 6 karts costs only 1720 EUR with software and 6m magnetic strip.


The Lap Timer system consists of the following parts:

Personal Computer with installed Lap Timer software

Magnetic strip: installed into the track

Receiver Module: installed near the magnetic strip

Communication Module: installed near the computer

Transponder Module: installed on each kart

Transponders need no maintenance

(their batteries operate on full lifecycle - approximately 6 years  and 1 million passings)

Lap Timer software is processing race data, and displays them on the screen. You can setup your own result screen, with preferred font style, color, end content. You can have more result screens, and display them in multiple monitors. Results can be printed after the and of race. You can set up your preferred printer style and content with your LOGO on the printed results, too. The Lap Timer software can drive your external devices, like LED scoreboards, starting lamps, and other devices. It is tracking your kart's running statistics (both laps and time), so you will never miss an oil change.

Lap timer

One magnetic strip has to be installed into the track to provide the reference position. The  transponder module sends a radio-frequency identifier when it crosses the magnetic strip. Each kart  has to use one transponder. There are 60 different identifiers, so 60 karts can be identified.

Receiver module receives and processes the radio frequency signals from transponders. It is  equipped with 15m cable. Communication module provides link between the computer, the  receiver and the displays. It is equipped with AC/DC adapter, and USB-to-serial cable. Special  cables can be used to enlarge distance to 100m between the communication module (LTS02Com)  and the receiver module (LTS02Rec), or between the communication module (LTS02Com) and the  LED displays. Default distance between these modules is 15m.

Optional advanced products to enhance the timing system:

Race Manager software 

LED scoreboards

You can organize rounds and build up your member database with Race Manager software. 

Trackside LED displays can be used to provide information for drivers during the race: to display lap times, and to display remaining time or lap from the race.

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